Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Financial Training Institute (FTI)

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Our mission is to provide a foundation

for a lifetime of learning for students.|

Financial Training Institute (FTI) is dedicated to fostering intellectual growth, aesthetic appreciation, and character development in our students. The Financial Training Institute (FTI) College community thrives on the principles that knowledge is acquired through discipline, competence is established when knowledge is tempered by experience, and character is developed when competence is exercised for the benefit of others.

Spoken English |


This course is designed for students and employees who are keen to improve their knowledge of English vocabulary & grammar in general and communicative ability in particular, so that they may be able to communicate in English with confidence. Students successfully completing this course will always find themselves well-equipped in terms of effective communication skills.


Who Should Attend? Students, teachers, professionals or anyone interested in the development of his/her language skills. This course is primarily for those having basic command & limited knowledge of English (the starters).

Course Contents

Basic grammar (strong grip on structural and functional grammar

Rich vocabulary, basic literature

Received pronunciation

Communication skills through group work/pair work, role plays, jig saw activities, discussions & debates etc

Writing applications, formal letters, essays, stories, poems, book reviews and day to day accounts

Listening skills polished through tape scripts in language labs

Presentation at academic level

Basic phonetics-introduction to the vowels & consonants


Who Should Attend? Students, teachers, professionals & the learners who want to have a sound grip of the language according to the intermediate standards. And those who want to become competent speakers & confident expertise of English language.

Course Benefits

Detailed grammar learning with practical activities

Phonetics & phonology

Detailed study of received pronunciation

Command on Simple English Lexicon (SEL)

Communication skills through role plays, jig saw activities, discussions, debates, speeches etc

Formal & informal writing structure & strategies intense reading plus pleasure reading activities

Mature writing including writing articles, comprehension poems, book reviews etc formal/informal letters

Listening labs and telephonic conversations

Learning about literature & prose etc


Who Should Attend? Professionals, salespersons, bankers, marketers, managers, teachers and office workers

Course Contents

Proficient communication skills both at academic and professional level

Speaking through role plays, jig saw activities, discussions, debates, speeches and presentations

CV, resume writing, cover and reference letter writing

Professional tips for job interviews and exemplary performance at workplace

Tips for preparing and delivering breath-taking presentations both at expertise

Learning the proficient special  speech skills for opening ceremonies and seminars

How to become a competent translator of English language

Note:  Students performance and progress is regularly assessed by the FTI trainers, students are given ample opportunities to participate in diverse co-curricular activities e.g Inter campuses writing and speech competitions etc. Students are also awarded on showing stupendous performance.

Course Details


Any Campus of FTI


Upto 1 Month

Class Duration

6 Days Per Week, 1.5 Hrs Per Day

Class Start Date

Every Monday


9am to 8pm (Flexible Hrs)

For Further details, please check from respective campus


This course will help you in self employment and getting better job