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Business and Corporate Law - F4

Important Topics for Dec-2013 (by Mazhar Loan, FCCA)

UK LAW:          *Interpretation of Statute by Court; Delegated Legislation; Case Law; Binding Precedence

CONTRACT:     * Revocation/Counter Offer; Postal Rule; Terms of Contract - Conditions, warranties;   Liquidated damages, Penalty Clause

TORT:              *Auditors’ Duty of Care; Standard of care; Remoteness of damages

EMPLOYMENT:            *Unfair dismissal versus Wrongful Dismissal and Remedies; Constructive dismissal;

Redundancy – meaning and rules; Self-employment v Contract of Service

PARTNERSHIP:            * Agency powers u/s 5;

COMPANY:       *Formation: Promoters & Pre-incorporation Contracts; Statutory Registers/Returns; Separate Personality

* Corporate Governance: Secretary; Auditor; Audit committees

*Directors:  Fiduciary duties as agents; balance of powers with shareholders (case study);     exceeding authority (sec 40 CA86); Disqualification

*Capital: Share Premium/Discount; Rights/Bonus; Fixed/Floating Charges’ registration/priority during liquidation (application of Assets on winding up)

*Criminal Behaviour: Fraudulent and Wrongful Trading (s 213 and 214, IA86)

CASE STUDY Q:*Contract - Offer and Acceptance; Invitation to treat; Breach; Remedies in equity and common law

*Company - Minority Rights; Directors Fiduciary Duties;  Criminal Behaviour

** You should identify, discuss and analyse the area of law in question, arguing both sides

MUST READ:    ***Past Papers from Dec-2007 to Jun-2013(total 12)... along with examiners’ answers

***Read each important topic given in guess from (the relevant questions in the) past papers

***Read examiner answers to ALL Qs# 8, 9 and 10 of past 10 papers (regardless of the guess topics)


**Please read each exam Question for the number of tasks (action words) in it;

e.g. "Explain and Distinguish" are two different tasks carrying separate mark scheme

Please try to attempt all questions, starting each question on a new page, preferably the right side page, even if you have to leave a page blank. Do not write beyond the allotted time which comes to 18 minutes per a 10 marks question. Get to the point immediately and do not write for which no marks have been allocated. Do not write bullets, instead use short comprehensible plain complete English sentences

Approx 80% of the Examination Paper would be from the above selected topics. Insha’Allah!  You should therefore get fully prepared for these during your revisions.

Mazhar Ul Haq Loan FCCA, MBIM 
Financial Training Institute (FTI)


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